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A useful tool to keep track of interesting links and important information on the topic of semantic web design is to collect all links and online resources in a Social Bookmarking service. Here I can provide all my findings in a well organized online platform and share the links and content with the rest of the online community. The biggest service in the field: has experienced some turbulences lately, therefore I decided to start bookmarking my Web 3.0 related links in another social bookmarking service. Mister Wong is an interesting alternative. It offers individualized user profiles and comes with a group feature. My account is based on Web 3.0/semantic Web topics and can be accessed by the name of Semantic Web Design under:
A big plus of is its social feature which allows bookmarks to be tagged based on other user's suggestions. This is a really helpful feature when adding new bookmarks into the portfolio. A I make great use of this feature I will keep my profile running (available at as well.


About Semantic Web (Web 3.0) Design Blog


I am Steve Stein, M.Sc. in Digital Media and Diploma Computer Scientist (Media Informatics). My special interest is "Information Architecture (IA)"and I am active in this area for about 10 years now. Besides my Master Thesis about handling Information in the Information Age and my earlier Diploma Thesis about Information Usability and Accessibility I am lately exploring the area of Semantic Web (Web 3.0) Design as well as User Experience (UX) Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Search Engine Engineering (SEE).

With this Blog I just started combining my various scientific profiles, research resources and useful presentations/documents for the area of "Semantic Web (Web 3.0) Design" under the hood of a blog. This should help to keep up with my different shared articles, tweets and social links in the area of "Information Architecture (IA)".

I hope you will find some interesting resources on these pages and I would be happy about any comments, feedback or hints about new and exciting developments.

Steve Stein